We are Ball Public Relations

Established in 1998, Ball Public Relations is one of the most
respected public relations consulting firms in Adelaide.

We provide professional public relations advice and services to a wide range of South Australian and national clients in the private and public sectors.

We promote, project and protect brands, products, organisations, enterprises and people.

Our firm specialises in issues and crisis communication and in industrial dispute communication management and media issues.

We also conduct specialised interactive media skills training courses for corporate groups, government departments and individuals.

Our expert team can assist with corporate, employee and internal communication, provide media counsel and advise on communication strategy.

We can research and prepare news releases, speeches and reports and manage the writing, design and publication of brochures, website and newsletters.

At Ball Public Relations we maintain an unrivalled level of government relations experience, knowledge, contacts and communications expertise within Adelaide. We work closely with our clients and pride ourselves on delivering effective public relations advice that is honest, direct and ethical.

Ball Public Relations is a registered consultancy with the Public Relations Institute of Australia, – the peak organisation for public relations professionals in Australia.


Ball Public Relations provides the following services:

  • Corporate communication
  • Government relations advice
  • Media advice
  • Issues management
  • Media skills training
  • Publicity and promotion
  • Event management
  • Membership communication
  • Internal employee communications
  • Writing for media – news releases, newsletters, speeches and reports
  • Community engagement – the management of integrated research, consultation and communication programs.
  • Strategy and project planning, campaign management and implementation.
  • Design and publishing – including brochures, websites, newsletters and annual reports

Media & Interview Skills Training

Media Awareness Workshop

This is for up to 15 participants over four hours. It is an interactive course that explores strategies in dealing with media, understanding basic interview techniques and the needs of different media. Participants receive bound course notes.

Media & Interview Skills Workshop

This workshop requires a full day for groups of eight or a half a day for four people. If required, training can be adapted for smaller groups, one-on-one training or role-play for a specific issue, initiative or announcement. The course delivers a mix of theory and practical with a strong emphasis on participation and learning by trial, error and success. It creates media reality with two trainers experienced in journalism and production in newspapers, television and radio. Participants are taught, interviewed, assessed, critiqued and then re-interviewed under lights and on camera.

Interview Master Class

Conducted in a radio studio setting with two presenters for an intensive interview experience, this half-day workshop features an interview that is reviewed and analysed and processed as a newspaper article and radio news bulletin item. Before they come into the studio, we ambush interview with an early morning telephone call before the participant leaves home. This master class is for a minimum four participants. A one-on-one master class also is available and is quoted separately.

Skills Maintenance Program

This refresher and maintenance module involves periodic testing and training to maintain skills and readiness. We provide the client with feedback reports after all media interviews involving its spokespeople. These highlight levels of success and identify areas for attention or improvement. It also includes occasional ‘ambush’ interviews to maintain skills and prepare for often unpredictable media interaction.

Media & Communicating in a Crisis

This full-day workshop is built around a series of crisis scenarios tailored for the organisation and tested in both ambush interviews and news conference settings throughout the day. Depending on the role and responsibilities of executives, scenarios might range from a threat of industrial disruption or a workplace injury through to a catastrophic loss of life and equipment. It features intensive training around practical techniques and protocols including the essential rules for damage control, what drives the media in a crisis, questions reporters always ask, how to say ‘sorry’ and the ‘new’ news cycle that breaks and propagates in social media, off the record, avoiding comment, dealing with reporters’ deadlines and managing misreporting

Writing for Work

This three-hour workshop for a minimum of four and maximum of six participants explores the tools and techniques to write clearly, concisely and authentically. Participants review the essential precepts of effective writing, workshop writing and readability checklists and participate in a small group activity.

Online Media Presence

This half-day workshop is for four to eight people responsible for managing or supporting their organisation’s online presence. Workshops are tailored to suit requirements and include online reputation management theory, social media policy development and implementation, online crises management, social media newsroom management and content generation to attract customers and supporters.

Our Case Studies

Our clients come from areas and industries such as engineering, aviation, energy, education, construction, development, retail, manufacturing, recreation, the professions and food. We help our clients make the news or stay out of the news. It doesn’t stop at media. Whether it is a social media strategy, a well-written letter or a speech, we are good at what we do.

Radio Rentals Group

Electronical and home products retailer Radio Rentals Group engaged Ball Public Relations in 2019 for its withdrawal from retail trading and the closure of 32 of its 33 stores in Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales. Working with management, Ball prepared a strategy in the event of a leak ahead of both a final decision and an announcement. It then prepared Radio Rentals management for internal employee briefings, the public announcement, customer letters and question-and-answer scripts, other stakeholder communications and media interest. Although exiting retail, Radio Rentals continues its successful rental operations and it was imperative that all rental customers understood this. The process was smooth and successful.


In October, 2016, South Australia’s leading construction trades training centre was threatened with a loss of registration and subsequent closure after the Australian Skills Quality Authority adjudged some of its activities to be non-compliant. Ball Public Relations worked alongside PEER’s new leadership and legal team to manage communication with industry, employers, apprentices, unions, government agencies and a host of other stakeholders and to provide strategic media counsel. PEER preserved its reputation to emerge strongly from the crisis… within two years it was named the nation’s best Small Training Provider of 2018 at the annual Australian Training Awards.

APA Group

Publicly-listed APA Group operates and maintains Natural Gas mains and infrastructure. Ball Public Relations has for many years assisted APA with community engagement and stakeholder relations. With a massive mains replacement program throughout South Australia, stakeholder relations are paramount. APA used to receive numerous and continuing complaints from residents and councils when, without warning, it excavated roads, footpaths and gardens and disrupted traffic to re-lay gas pipeline. Ball worked with APA to develop a stakeholder communication strategy to inform residents ahead of work. Councils, Members of Parliament,

APA contractors and others are briefed ahead of work. A complaints response procedure is coordinated with councils. Ball assists APA ahead of every mains replacement project from the preparation of a communication strategy to the development of information letters and identification of potential issues. Resident complaints have reduced significantly and relationships have improved, councils are informed and comfortable and APA has reduced the time and money spent responding to complaints.

Metricon South Australia

Ball Public Relations provides public relations support to Metricon South Australia, South Australia’s most awarded builder. We leverage display product launches, industry news and events, emerging trends in the home and building industry and philanthropic partnerships to drive ongoing media coverage across all media platforms. We help Metricon maximise media coverage for its partnership with the MS Society of SA & NT and MS Game Changer Lottery. Working closely alongside Metricon and the MS Society of SA & NT, Ball Public Relations assists in identifying, coordinating and managing media opportunities to saturate the market, drive ticket sales and promote the superior Metricon brand and product.

Malek Fahd Islamic School

Australia’s largest Islamic school was in 2016 confronted with closure when the Federal Government revoked its public funding. Without it, the School could not survive. A new School leadership acted to rectify failings in the School’s obligations to operate as not-for-profit, be financially viable, be a ‘fit and proper person’ and ensure that funding is used only for education. It took two years of reform and legal appeals to keep the doors open for almost 2500 students. Maintaining community support was critical. Ball Public Relations provided strategic communication advice to manage media interest and restore credibility in communication between the School leadership and families.

Burnside War Memorial Hospital

In September 2015 Ball Public Relations assisted Burnside Hospital with an outbreak of puzzling and potentially fatal Salmonella. Ball counselled and supported the leadership in issues management and stakeholder relations. Burnside Hospital did not lose a single patient booking, no operating lists were lost or deferred and media activity was limited to single news cycles with factual reporting and no speculation or criticism. Incoming patients expressed gratitude and visiting doctors and surgeons strongly supported the Hospital management, which served to build upon already strong levels of trust.

Haigh’s Chocolates

Ball Public Relations has for more than 10 years provided public relations services to promote the Haigh’s Chocolates brand nationally and in South Australia. This includes the celebration of the company’s centenary in 2015 and Haigh’s recent $15M factory expansion, making it the largest cocoa bean processing plant in Australia and enabling additional production capacity and growth.
Throughout the year, Ball Public Relations identifies and maximises opportunities that align with Haigh’s Chocolates’ seasonal calendar of events and store openings to build awareness of Haigh’s and its premium chocolate products. We also promote Haigh’s as a proud South Australian-owned-and-operated manufacturer, retailer and employer.

Our Team

Our clients come from areas and industries such as engineering, aviation, energy, education, construction, development, retail, manufacturing, recreation, the professions and food. We help our clients make the news or stay out of the news. It doesn’t stop at media. Whether it is a social media strategy, a well-written letter or a speech, we are good at what we do.

Rob Ball is an experienced public relations practitioner who has worked as a senior journalist and a senior policy and strategy adviser to a State Premier. He counsels clients in the private and public sectors, health, the environment, professions, sport and local government and has strong credentials in strategy development and the management of complex public issues. Rob has on three occasions won Australia’s top national public relations awards with projects for the South Australian Government Project Delivery Task Force (Glenelg-West Beach Project), the Port Adelaide Football Club’s AFL bid and a successful government relations campaign for the City of Unley. As a journalist at the Adelaide Advertiser, Rob reported industrial affairs, police and politics. He was a member of The Advertiser’s investigative team and his awards in journalism include a 1980 Media Peace Prize Gold Citation from the United Nations Association of Australia for coverage of land rights for Pitjantjatjara people in north-west South Australia.
He established Ball Public Relations in 1998 and is its managing director.

Cassandra Dunlop


Cassandra is a skilled public relations consultant and former journalist with a focus on crisis, issues and emergency response communication for several of our key clients. She consults to a range of sectors in utilities, tourism and recreation, local government, Independent schools, construction and development, energy, defence and not-for-profit. She advises on public and media issues, develops and executes effective communication strategies, publications and communication materials for both internal and external communications. Cassandra joined Ball Public Relations in 2009 from a United Kingdom consultancy where she managed a portfolio of private and public sector clients and was responsible for successful national media campaigns. A former senior journalist at North Wales Newspapers, Cassandra is a Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) and holds a qualification from the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ). Cassandra joined Ball Public Relations in 2009

Sarah Stokes


Sarah is an experienced public relations consultant with agency experience and counsels clients in engineering and construction, retail and consumer goods, health, local government, tourism, technology, hospitality and racing. She has worked on local and national strategic public relations campaigns and managed issues and crisis communications plans. Sarah also has extensive experience in event styling and event management. She holds a Bachelor of Public Relations from the University of South Australia and a Post Graduate Degree in Journalism from the University of South Australia.
Sarah joined Ball Public Relations in 2017.

Jacqueline Lagonik


Jacqueline Burdikovs is our Business Manager and provides administration and finance services to our team. She has extensive experience in business administration, financial management, sponsorship, foundation management, event coordination and planning. Jacqueline has broad experience across a range of industries including insurance, commercial property, investment trusts and small business. She also acts as honorary treasurer for a number of ‘not-for-profit’ organisations. Jacqueline holds a secretarial diploma and has strong skills in business systems and a range of financial management software packages.
Jacqueline joined Ball Public Relations in 2013.

Ball Public Relations offers an extension to our own business with the right balance of experience and knowledge whilst always offering sound advice.

Daniel Palumbo, Managing Director, Palumbo

I would certainly recommend Ball Public Relations to be your public relations partner of choice.

Tony Wojciechowski, Managing Director, National Pharmacies

I have worked with the team from Ball PR for the last six years. They have provided first-rate PR services, support and guidance for the Haigh’s marketing team.

Fiona Krawczyk, Marketing Executive, Haigh’s Chocolates

In our industry, we need a Public Relations firm that is responsive and deliver to promise.  Ball Public Relations do both of these things and well. The team have their finger on the pulse. Their standout quality is their responsiveness – it’s second to none.

Cobham Corporate Communications

We’ve collaborated with Ball PR on a number of events to increase our brand exposure amongst target audiences. They provided excellent communications advice and delivered on all objectives.

Ellysia Chick, Marketing Manager, Solitaire Automotive Group

Media training in a small group at Ball taught me how to establish and understand what a journalist wants in a story and how to get across our key messages. I found the real life examples invaluable. I have just completed my first TV interview since my training and, although I was still a little nervous, I definitely felt more prepared and was pleased with the result.

Brigid Koenig, General Manager, Sammy D Foundation